18% of people use privacy-oriented browsers for online security, according to a survey. It clearly shows how people are concerned about their online safety. With that being said, is your website secure? Which protocol are you using – HTTP or HTTPS? If you are still using HTTP in 2023, we are here to explain why you should use HTTPS. HTTPS is a security protocol that is an upgraded version of HTTP. It is used to send information between internet browsers and websites, such as login information and credentials.

HTTPS is said to have an advanced level of protection – the SSL certificate that keeps your website and data secure. Here is how HTTPS can benefit your website.

●    For Better SEO

Having a great website is of no worth, not until it reaches your target customers. The first step to enhance the visibility of your website is to make it SEO-friendly. For that, HTTPS is of great help.

One of the most common ways of ranking your website is using keywords. However, Google algorithms are not solely dependent on the keywords. It also looks for the security standards of the website. If your website is not secure, Google will never rank it.

So, HTTPS means your website is secure. Resultantly, it will have a positive outcome in Google’s ranking.

●    For Ensuring Customer Safety

As we mentioned at the start of the article, users are concerned with their online safety and don’t like third parties interacting with their browsing. So, if you want to build trust among your customers, you have to make sure you offer them a secure online experience.

The websites that don’t follow HTTPS protocol are labeled as “not secure” in bold red font. If your website is labeled as a non-secure website, no user would want to visit it.

●    For Securing Your Website Data

As said several times, the primary purpose of HTTPS protocol is to keep your data safe. It prevents unauthorized persons or hackers from accessing personal data that could be misused against your site or your users.

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