There are more than 1500 TLDs (top-level domains) in the world of websites and blogging. Most of us are familiar with popular ones like .com and .net etc. However, your options are not limited to these two only. There are endless alternatives, and some are even better than these mainstream ones. One such TLD is the .io domain. What is .io domain? Let’s find out.

The .io domain stands for British Indian Ocean Territory. Since it has no legal residents, the rights to the .io domain are held by the International Computer Bureau. Therefore, the use of this domain is not limited to the British Indian Ocean Territory. Anybody can register for the .io domain and use it.

The most important difference between the .io domain and other domains is that the former is not as generic or exhausted.

Why is the .io Domain Popular?

Better Availability

One benefit of the .io domain is that you get more namespace here than traditional domain names. Other domain names such as .com are exhausted, and many of the names are already taken.

The expansive namespace is why many startups go for .io endings because they can easily put their name with it. While .io is getting popular, it is still way less populated than other domains.

Google Sees it as gTLD

You don’t have to worry about any unwelcome geo-targeting since Google treats .io as a gTLD. Google knows that it is a generic domain and people outside the British Indian Ocean Territory use this domain. Therefore, the Google search doesn’t target that specific territory only and shows general results instead.

More Brandable

Short domain names are easy to remember and are more brandable. Since they’re more memorable, they spread among people easily, and the website becomes more recognizable. The .io domain is short, so there are few chances of misspelling, and it is easier to use in marketing. Promotions become easier with a short URL, as long URLs kill the excitement.

Are .io Domains Safe?

Generally, .io domains are considered safe, but they have safety issues like other domains. It is a good alternative to traditional domains such as .com, .net, and .org. All of them have faced security threats in the past. The .io domain faced a security threat in 2017, but it was timely resolved and didn’t lead to any serious damages.

Another issue is trust. People may not trust .io as much since it is not as popular as other domains; people may not trust .io as much. In addition, there have been scamming and phishing attempts, so people are increasingly wary about them.

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