When a small business, a startup, and a new website first start their journey, I’m pretty sure shared servers are the perfect fit. However, with hard work, your website will start growing, grabbing attention, getting more visitors, and storing important information. That’s exactly when you will need an upgrade. Let’s go on a ride and see why you will need a dedicated server.

1. Your website is no longer a newbie

So, your website started getting more attention and having more frequent visitors. That means it’s growing. That’s a good thing, right? Yeah, but not if you are still using shared servers. Because shared servers aren’t dedicated to only one customer, they tend to slow down performance if faced with high traffic.

2. Having website security is sounding like a necessity

When your website is growing, your digital security should grow too. With dedicated servers, you will be in complete charge. This goes out to any type of website, not only ones containing crucial information such as credit card numbers, email, and customer information. Hackers and cyber-thieves can also enter your website and ruin your work, post things, and delete information all on your behalf.

3. You want to have control over your website

Dedicated servers have many benefits, and this one of the most beneficial ones. They provide you scalability, flexibility, and control. You have the choice to customize your website the way you see fit and the option to choose the software you prefer and the hardware you need! How cool is that? So, if you are ready to take control over your website, it’s time for you to upgrade your server.

4. You are tired of the downtimes

Downtimes cost money. So, an upgrade to dedicated server isn’t only a benefit for your website, it’s also for you. You wouldn’t want to present your visitors with “error” when they are checking your content. This will only push them away or motivate them to never come back. Dedicated servers provide you with a constant uptime and high visitor satisfaction.

5. Your website speed needs a boost

Are you feeling like your website takes forever to load? Then you should most definitely change from shared server to a dedicated server. Whether you upload images, articles, blogs, or videos make sure your website has a high speed so nobody waits 5 minutes for it. Dedicated servers deliver you high bandwidth and low bounce rate making your website enjoyable and attractive.

So, are you ready to upgrade your website with a dedicated server? Check out our blogs on Dynamic hosting for more information.