Though many people ignore it, your hosting server’s location matters a lot. It is one of those intricate details that lead to a successful business. Choose a reliable hosting service, like Dynamic Hosting, but also consider its location.

Here, in this write-up, we will discuss the importance of your hosting server’s location. Repercussions occur when you show little concern about the location of your server. Let us discuss them in detail and how you can avoid them.

The Speed of Your Website

Do you know the location of your hosting server is closely related to your website speed? How fast your website loads is directly proportional to the proximity of your hosting server to the device on which it is being loaded.

Let us consider, your hosting server is located in China, and your customers are USA-based. If your customer is loading your website in the USA, your server will fetch the data from China to your customer’s device.

It would take some extra milliseconds or 1 second, but these fractions of a second are also significant. Most customers are likely to leave your website if it doesn’t load on time.

Now, a solution to avoid such delays is to research your customer base. Figure out where most of your customers are located. Then, select a hosting server located near that location.

Legal Matters

Gambling is illegal in Japan. So, you can’t run a gambling website in Japan. Also, you cannot run a gambling website located in any other country on a hosting server located in Japan.

Similarly, each country has its legal terms and conditions. It is better to have the hosting server’s location in the same region where your business customers are present.

SERP Ranking

If your website takes a long time to load, it already gets a lower position on the Search Engine Result Page because Google loads the websites that respond faster.

Another factor is the geological ranking, for which Google provides a webmaster tool. Through this tool, you target users located in a specific area. If you are using this tool, then your hosting server’s location doesn’t matter.

However, if you aren’t using a webmaster tool, Google obtains your geological information from your hosting server. And if your server is far away from your customer base, you will be unable to reach your target audience.

For this purpose, try to opt for a hosting service with a server located in your country.