So you’ve tried a lifestyle blog, and now you’re ready to give travel writing a shot. Here’s the thing, though—nearly 43% of people admit to skimming blog posts. You don’t want people breezing through your hard work, especially after you’ve taken the time to travel, photograph, and write for them! So how can you make your travel blog stand out amongst the millions of others online? Read on for some tips and tricks!

  • Pick a Unique Destination

There are so many blogs for places like Paris, Rome, and Tokyo. If you have the means, go somewhere you’ve never read about before. Slovenia, for instance, is one of the safest places to travel, and you can bet very few people have spent their vacation there in comparison. Or maybe Bhutan, a small country in the Himalayas perfect for thrill seekers. If you have one of the few blogs about a place, you’re almost guaranteed to make traction online.

  • Put a Spotlight on Your Hometown

No need to worry if you can’t book an expensive plane ticket right away! Readers love slice of life stories, and if you treat your town as an exotic destination, you could not only increase views, but even local tourism. This is another way to make your blog different from others, as many people prefer to go abroad instead of finding the beauty in what’s right in front of them. Talk about your family-owned Italian place like it has a Michelin star, or interview the owners of your favorite mom-and-pop shop. Your blog will have a charm that is all its own!

  • Take Quality Photographs

And no, you don’t necessarily need to invest in a fancy camera. When you’re traveling, take the time to make sure your photographs are clear and meaningful for your blog. Maybe instead of taking yet another shot of the Eifel Tower, you capture the grins of your host family who guided you around the city. Not only will your pictures represent the location itself, but the actual experience you had while you were there. And that, after all, is what readers are looking for in a travel blog!

  • Find a Dedicated Web Server

Simply traveling and writing isn’t enough—you need to actually get your blog out there! Most bloggers use WordPress to start, and then you need the right server and hosting plan. DynamicHosting is a web server that has a high performance and a and low cost, and that makes it the perfect solution. Don’t believe us? Click here for more information!