Ever considered blogging? Starting a lifestyle blog can be a little tricky. You have these ideas you want to put into writing, you’ve got formulas ready on how to get traffic into your blog, and you can’t wait to get started because you have it all set. Well, every blogger felt that way until after their first post.

Your first blog post changes everything. It ushers you into the reality of content creation. You realize it’s not enough to share your website links on your WhatsApp status or Facebook posts.

Girl working on her lifestyle blog

Nothing beats having readers from all over the world. You need people to engage with your blog posts so your blog can begin climbing the SEO ranks.

Lifestyle blogging is a broad field. Almost everything outside tech fits into it, and you’ll do just fine once you know your way around it. Here is how to get started on the right foot.

1. Niche down

With lifestyle blogging, it’s easy to be all over the place. You could quickly become a blogger of all things and a master of nothing. Well, that won’t help your blog at all. Choose and stay committed to a niche.

There are many niches in the lifestyle field that you can blog about. Some are more conventional than others, so choose what appeals to the general public.

Sometimes people worry about running out of content when they niche down. Well, you’d be surprised how endless certain niches are. You’ll always find something fresh to write about as long as you research.

2. Keep your blog post simple

Simplicity is key. That might sound cliché, but it still works wonders. No matter how extravagant social media might seem, people love simple things. It’s alright to spice your writing up with unique words, but don’t make it impossible to understand. Write to engage, not to flaunt your vocabulary, and that’s how you keep people coming back for more.

3. Optimize your blog for search engines

Search engine optimization is important and will be for a long time. Before submitting your blog for indexation, ensure you adhere to search engine policies regarding formatting, copyrights, page loading speed, website navigation, and content relevance. In other words, your blog should provide authentic solutions or at least answer frequently asked questions in an organized manner.

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