Small business SEO is not difficult; it’s just that most people doing it are newbies. If only you could learn about the basic principles of performing SEO on small business websites, it would get easy for you.

Here is how you can do affordable SEO for small businesses.

1.   Choose the Site Builder Carefully

Most small businesses opt for site builders, as they are more affordable when compared to hiring developers. Although there is nothing wrong with proceeding with your website through a site builder, you have to ensure you make the right choice.

With a gazillion website builders out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But don’t just go with the first one you stumble upon. Do your due diligence and research the features of the site builder you’re eyeing. Most importantly, you must check that the site builder you choose offers SEO features.

It’s not just some fancy acronym – it’s what gets you noticed by the Google gods. So make sure your chosen site builder has those SEO features. Trust me, your website – and your wallet – will thank you.

2.   Make Your Content Engaging

One of the significant factors behind the success of your website that is entirely on your part is the production of engaging content. Make sure you are creating value-oriented content that attracts readers.

Performing SEO will be of no use if the content isn’t engaging. SEO guides people to your website; content is what makes them stay. So, put your thinking cap on and start crafting value-packed content that will knock your readers’ socks off. Or you can always hire a writer.

As far as the ranking is concerned, numerous keyword research tools are available that can help you optimize your content for the search engine.

Besides that, make sure your content is relevant to the needs of your customers and subscribers.

3.   Work on On-Page SEO

Once you have researched and generated the content, now is the time for on-page SEO. It helps you in optimizing your content for the search engine. You should start by working on title tags, meta descriptions, and alt-texts of images.

The algorithms keenly observe all these factors when deciding which website to rank higher on the search result page.

4.   Track and Fix SEO Issues

Besides working on SEO, ensure your website is also in good condition. Make sure you upgrade the hosting plan regularly.

Usually, users don’t like waiting more than 4 to 5 seconds for a website to load. So, if your website is having problems loading, it might affect the user experience and de-rank your website.

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