According to Colorlib, almost 13000 WordPress websites get hacked every day. Losing your WordPress website is a great setback to your business, and recovering the website is a hassle in itself. Here are the top three ways you can prevent a WordPress hack.

1.   Install Security Plugins

The top security wall protecting your website from malicious actors is security plugins. Though many people know they need it, they are confused about how to choose the right security plugin.

The best choice is to choose the plugins already available in the WordPress library. Make sure the plugin you choose is up-to-date and will offer regular updates. Besides, you can also look for reviews if you are unsure about your choice.

2.   Use Secure Passwords

When it comes to setting passwords, people usually don’t pay much attention. They either set the password as their favorite thing or simple numbers like 12345. It might be a great way to remember the password, but it can lead to severe consequences.

What’s more, people even write down the passwords on paper and excel sheets. Stop taking the password for granted, as it is one of the most crucial security barriers. You can use different apps to generate passwords. Besides, you can also use different alphabets to make a new word so you won’t forget.

Also, it is better to change your password every two to three months. If you give access to any employee, make sure you remove the access after the assigned work is done.

3.   Less Plugin, Less Fuss

When generating WordPress websites, who doesn’t want to ease their tasks? So, people usually install tons of plugins to make the process easier. However, this isn’t always beneficial for them.

Plugins might have security vulnerabilities that can lead to a WordPress hack. So, no matter how tempting a plugin might seem, don’t use it if it isn’t really helpful in managing your website. Besides, we install many plugins while checking which one works for us. Remember to delete all the extra plugins that you are not using.

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People usually make these mistakes because they are not competent in dealing with WordPress, which leads to a WordPress hack. If you are a newbie, opting for a credible hosting service is better. Dynamic Hosting can help you build a secure WordPress site and offer dedicated web hosting.