What is the current version of WordPress? Is WordPress 4.9 still supported? These queries might arise in your mind if you are a WordPress user. WordPress 6.0, the latest update, is here to centralize the existing customization features.

It improves various aspects of the CMS, including accessibility and performance, template development, new hooks, Web fonts API, new design tools, performance, and much more…

WordPress powers 64.1% of all websites with a content management system. If you are also operating your website on WordPress, you must know the importance of timely updates. Here are some features of WordPress 6.0 – the latest update.

1.   Seamlessly Switch Themes

Among WordPress 6.0’s most anticipated features are global style variations. Developers can now include several global styles in their themes, making it easy for users to switch between styles with a click.

The new function, which works directly with the new Webfonts API, allows theme creators to generate a limitless number of style variations.

2.   Improved Block Pattern

Block patterns are important in the present stage of WordPress development. So, thanks to a unique new online tool, anyone can now become a pattern designer.

Now, you can build, update, and upload your best block patterns to the Pattern Directory with Pattern Creator.

3.   Improvement in Interface

WordPress 6.0 makes several UI improvements, which are mostly intended to improve sidebar organization. All of these modifications should have a significant influence on the overall editing process. Some of them are:

  • List View Advancements
  • Previews of Block Styles
  • Section of Typography Paragraphs
  • Disable UI Locking
  • Multi-select
  • Style Maintenance

4.   The New Customizable “Read More” Block

In addition, you can change the borders, colors, corners, typography, and more with a new and customized Read More block. Another useful aspect of this feature is it lets you alter the Read More link outside of the Excerpt block.

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