PHP hosting – There are many glossaries in the website hosting language, from things you might understand to words you might’ve never heard of. If you have questions about some of the keywords, you can head on to our blogs where we have talked about lots and lots of website hosting topics that might help you in what you are looking for.

Let’s start with a more obvious question you might’ve thought about.

What is PHP?

PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Processor and is a popular scripting language used for the sole purpose of:

Easing up the process of producing dynamic website pages

PHP is nowadays one of the most used scripting languages. It is used for building web applications. Instead of the browser, it is ran on the web hosting server But why should you use PHP to develop your site? What are the advantages that it provides for you? In what ways does it help you?

  • First let’s talk about the cost, it’s free and it’s also very easy to find a PHP host. Using PHP hosting does not add more cost. However, it is always advised to confirm with your host when you are talking about the information of your plan.
  • You do not need any experts in order to install PHP. If already not installed, you might be able to do everything by yourself through the website control panel. Note that the control panel application is provided by your host.
  • PHP is considered to be extremely secured given that it cannot be read by the visitors. This is why many use PHP hosting for applications that need high level security.
  • The themes used in PHP hosting is customizable therefore the webmaster can change the coding with respect to the needs.
  • Websites created with PHP, known as a universal scripting language, are highly compatible with mobile devices, even mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. (Did you know that there are many poplar websites that are written in PHP?)

For our last point, we need to mention that if your website is written in PHP, then you need to make sure your web hosting plan supports PHP because a PHP-written website needs to be hosted on a PHP processor module including a server.

In Conclusion,

It is best to use PHP hosting when your website includes customer information (and you really want to protect it) or when your website depends on content management system (CMS).

So, what do you think your next new glossary should be? You know where to find us! Dynamic hosting is right under your finger.