In previous articles, we likened websites to residences, each with an address (domain name). No house is exactly like the other. They could have similar structures and designs, but each occupant brings a special touch. The same can be said of websites. There are over 1.7 billion websites worldwide. Some share a few similarities (and plugins), but quite a few seem almost identical.

How can you make your website stand out?

Designs are limitless, and Web designers are infinitely creative. However, a large proportion of website structures are recycled templates. Sometimes, plug-ins are the most distinctive feature a website can have.

What are plugins, and why do we need them?

Plug-ins are add-ons, flexible specialized software extensions that aid the customization of cyber programs. They’ve been around for as long as we can remember, and now they are key features of content creation, website design, and app development.

Regarding why we need them, it’s the same reason we need spice and flavors. Most blogs and websites would be limited, bland, and impersonal without plug-ins. But even more important is how plug-ins make web pages better than long stretches of texts. Blog formatting is embedded in plug-ins, and the proper use of plug-ins improves search engine optimization.

Where can bloggers find the best plugins?

There are tons of plugins out there. Interestingly, some very essential ones are free. However, access to certain plugins might depend on how integrative your content management system is. Finding a content management system or website building platform with all the necessary plugins can be tricky, and you might need to integrate with other platforms.

WordPress, one of the world’s biggest website building platforms, arguably has every essential plug-in any blogger would need. And it works seamlessly with Google add-ons and a few other platforms.

What are the most impressive WordPress plugins?

There are several amazing WordPress plugins, but the two most sought-after ones are here:

Easy Social Sharing

Easy social sharing is a plug-in designed to enable readers to share content from a blog to over 16 social media platforms with a single click. It’s a traffic generator as well as a stats monitor.


Jetpack is the total WordPress package. With it, bloggers can reinforce their security against malware and other brutish cyber-attacks. It also keeps track of website traffic and recommends engagement strategies.

In conclusion, a great content management system (CMS) is a must-have and just as important as having a reliable hosting company to keep your website active and accessible. So, at Dynamic Hosting, we thrive on offering the best hosting services. Check out our plans for you.