A large part of gaining high traffic depends on how well you promote your website and how high it ranks on search engines. However, there’s more to getting traffic than having the perfect blog format or keywords. Your web host plays quite a crucial role.

Beyond the basic security protocols and speed ratings of your web host, here are two seemingly invisible factors that play a significant role in the success of your website.

1. Website host location

The location of one’s hosting company doesn’t come up very often, but it matters a lot. Web hosting companies are just as reputable as their locations. In other words, a web host’s country’s reputation theoretically rubs off on them. So if your hosting company is stationed in a country notorious for internet fraud and scams, your website might get flagged.

Of course, having your website hosted in a high-risk country shouldn’t automatically make your web services fraudulent, but most scam detector algorithms weren’t programmed to think that.

More than ever, people have scam detector software installed on their devices. So to protect your web traffic potential, work with web hosts in low-risk countries.

Click the highlight to view Alexa’s list of low-risk countries that have offered excellent web hosting services over the last decade.

2. Registrar’s statistics

Your website’s domain registrar is another factor that could mar or improve your web traffic. Many domain registries work in the shadows as nobody probes them, and here’s why.

The primary responsibility of domain registrars is to keep registered domain names exclusive to the owners. It’s how no two websites can ever share the same domain name.

Domain registrars are also generic gatekeepers. They’re naturally tasked with keeping the internet safe, and they could do that by blowing the whistle on fraudulent domains. However, they’re not accountable to anyone for the domain names they validate.

Having your website registered by a registrar known to have validated multiple fraudulent sites could stunt its rankings and traffic flow.

Regarding the growth of your website, everything should count. Give your website an edge today by ensuring you have the right web host in your corner.

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