Keeping your business server safe is your top priority. The built-in server protection server protections are often not enough; you need advanced technology to protect your server against more sophisticated attacks. Here we list the 3 best endpoint protection and server security tools that you should consider. Know the key features offered by each software and choose your solution wisely.

server protection tools

Bitdefender GravityZone

It is a feature-rich server protection software that secures your server against the threat of phishing, ransomware, malware, and script-based attacks. It offers all the services that you can probably think of, including firewall, encryption, anti-malware, anti-phishing, app control, and policy editor.  

Bitdefender GravityZone detects the threats and blocks the download of malicious code without impacting the server performance. Also, It identifies the suspicious files and automatically sends them to the sandbox for analyzing them further. The tool also offers excellent firewall protection, and you easily control what kind of traffic you want to allow. Another great thing about GravityZone is its super-flexible customization options. The dashboard or management console may seem a little bit complicated at the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, things become smooth. 

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

This Malware protection suite offers complete malware protection and remediation for the system. It identifies and eliminates all advanced malware, including ransomware. In addition, It is also able to block even the latest and unidentified malware to keep your server safe. It comes with a cloud-based single dashboard that lets you keep an eye on all the events across servers and workstations. The design is lightweight, and it’s easy to navigate. Malwarebytes is suitable for businesses of all sizes and offers a quick solution. You can use this endpoint protection tool for Windows, Linux, or Mac servers.      

Bitninja Server Security tool

It’s a user-friendly server protection tool for Linux servers. It can be installed within minutes and provide top-notch protection against all forms of advanced cyber threats. It uses a new technology called the defense network. Once a hacking attempt is made, it detects the threat and sends the information to its cloud-based central server. Thus, it learns from every attack and improves the protection accordingly.   

In addition, they have almost 50000 malware signatures on their database, and they update it regularly. Their reputation list has more than 10 million IP addresses, and more than 40 million HTTP assaults have been stopped by their protection tool. 

In conclusion, if you are a small team, managing the server and implementing a robust security protocol may seem overwhelming. Service providers like Dynamic Hosting can be your savior here. It offers dedicated hosting services with the latest technology and complete protection.