Would you like to make the best first impression with your clients? That’s easy, build a fantastic business website! Your website is the simplest and yet most vulnerable factor constituting your online presence, and that’s more than enough reason you need to build it right.

How Do You Build a Fantastic Website?


You must have heard that a good website has more substance beyond its aesthetics. That’s not wrong. What good is a website if it’s beautiful but non-functional?

Nonetheless, having proper color blends, clear fonts, and detailed icons in your design wouldn’t hurt.

Here’s what you need to know about building a good website. When it comes to web design, there are different variations of good. It all depends on how a Web designer perceives good, your brand style, and the site’s purpose.

So maybe you should worry less about building a good website. Rather, think about avoiding mistakes that ultimately ruin good websites.

We’ll discuss the top three Web design mistakes and why you need to avoid them.

Zero to Poor Mobile Optimization.

Today, over fifty percent of Website traffic comes from mobile device users. What does that say? Always make sure your site is highly optimized for mobile devices. A good web development and design tweak would help your website fit variations of screen sizes, but there’s more to it.

Be hypercritical about:

1. Clickable buttons with each change in screen size.
2. Font size, text spacing, and image quality for various screen sizes.

If any data is relinquished when your site loads on a small screen, ensure it contains none of the information your guest would need. You can run a test through mobile browser developer tools to see how your site would appear on a mobile device.

Install Security Certificates.

Have you ever received a security alert after logging on to a site? Well, that’s what happens when sites are developed without any standard security measure in place.

Security warnings are a big turn-off to clients. So do well to install the necessary security certificate, especially your SSL certificate.

Some hosting companies would require you to purchase an SSL certificate from them, and others like Dynamic Hosting save you the stress and automatically add it to your hosting plan.

Navigation Issues.

Only a few things in this world are as disorienting as a hard-to-navigate website menu. Your clients get some reassurance when they can easily navigate your website.

Use a drop menu when you have more than five items to showcase, keep some space between each item, use simple menu names and make sure your texts and fonts are clear and easy to read.

Do you want more tips for your Web design? Choose Dynamic Hosting today. Our hosting plans come with an amazing support team to help you start on the right foot.