Managed services allow small and medium-sized businesses to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server. It is otherwise not possible for many SMBs to afford the implementation and maintenance cost of a web server dedicated to their business.

managed services

However, while selecting a managed service, businesses often make some common mistakes and pay a hefty price, financially or otherwise. Here we discuss 5 such common mistakes that you should avoid while you choose a managed dedicated server for your business.

5 Mistakes you should avoid while choosing managed services.

Picking up the cheapest option available

Budget is often a serious concern for most small businesses. As a result, they tend to choose a managed service that offers the lowest bid. It is a mistake that should always be avoided. 

Apparently, it saves you money. However, in the long run, it will cost you more than you save. Service providers usually offer a competitive rate for their services. If you find a package too cheap, be assured there is a catch. Either there are hidden charges that they do not disclose, or their quality of service is sub-standard.    

Not paying attention to the security issues

Cyber security threats are real. You may think as you do not deal with sensitive data, you do not have any security concerns. That’s not true. Anyone and everyone with online assets can be a target of a cyberattack.

You cannot ignore the security issues. Before subscribing to a managed server, ensure the service provider implements the latest security measures and guarantees 100% security. Also, ensure that they have a quick recovery plan. 

Not considering technical support

A fully managed service lets you manage your server from a single dashboard. You may think you will not need further customer support as the dashboard is pretty intuitive. 

However, remember, you should always have access to technical support offered by the service provider. Not only immediately but also in the long run. Read third-party reviews and look at customer ratings to ensure the company provides top-notch support.

Selecting the wrong hosting package

It is another tricky area, especially if you are getting a dedicated server for the first time. You need to figure out a dozen specifications, including the need for storage space, RAM, bandwidth, and others. 

The service providers offer different packages suitable for various needs. You have to understand which one will suit you best. Talk to the representative of the company and share your requirements. They should be able to guide through the process. You may also seek advice from an external consultant.

Not considering the data center location

Businesses often think the data center’s location doesn’t matter, but in reality, it does. The data center shouldn’t be located far away from your target customers. More distance from the user results in higher latency. Try to stay close to your users to offer them an enhanced experience. 

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