Websites being hacked is a severe issue, but this doesn’t mean you have to give up. There is always a solution for everything; if not, there are precautions. You have got both for website hacking. It is possible to recover WordPress after it has been hacked.

Recover WordPress sites

Firstly, you can follow precautionary measures. The most significant precaution is choosing a credible hosting service, such as Dynamic Hosting. Even if your website gets hacked after preventive measures, you can save it by recognizing the signs of a hacked website in time. Here is how you can recover your WordPress website after it has been hacked.

Restore Your Site from Backup

When a website is hacked, the first concern is to build the website again, from scratch. Hosting service providers usually offer backup services. The hosting service makes sure you have a quick backup at hand; you can view it in your WordPress account.

From the backup option in the settings, you can restore your website. However, restoring alone is not enough. There are a few other steps you need to follow.

Turn On the Maintenance Mode

You might have seen websites being unavailable because they are under maintenance. After you have restored your website, turn on the maintenance mode. You can do so from the dashboard of your WordPress site.

They are two modes usually available under maintenance settings. One is for the websites that are soon to be launched other is for the websites that are being updated. You can also customize the screen from here.

Remove Potential Malware

Now is the time to delete all the useless stuff, as it might contain potential malware. It could be the templates or extensions that you don’t use.

Another illegitimate way of accessing a website is through unauthorized users. Hackers can easily create additional user accounts with significant privileges. So, remove all the unauthorized user accounts.

Change Security Keys

Security keys are the encrypted forms of your passwords. A crucial step to recover your website is to change passwords along with security keys. If the hacker somehow knows the security key changing the password would be useless. So, it is necessary to find the root cause of the problem. You can change it through cPanel. After changing the security keys, change the password, even if you have done it, just before changing the keys.

Wrapping Up!

Website hacking is a nightmare. Even with all the precautions, it is still possible to get your website hacked. According to, 588 websites got pawned. This is a big issue. It is a real possibility that your website might get hacked someday that is why you need to prepare. You can easily recover your WordPress website by following the above-mentioned simple steps. Make sure you have a credible host at your side during the process. It will make the process easier.