Gamers have the most fun in cyberspace, and that’s a fact that won’t change anytime soon. If you’re an avid gamer, at some point, you’ll be looking to gain a better user experience. That’s alright. You deserve better, and setting up your game server might be what you need.

Game server

It’s a little technical to set up a private server, but the most strenuous part is finding a web host that perfectly complements your server.

This article will help you utilize your best options regarding hosting your game server. But right before that, let’s walk you through the benefits of having a private game server.

Why would you want a private game server?

You’d agree that screen games are super amazing. And it gets better when you play with more people. Games like Minecraft and World of Warcraft are better played in numbers.

If you need to play these games with as many people as you’d like, there are two things you can do.

1.     Organize a LAN party.
2.     Get a dedicated game server and play with various people worldwide at any time.

Option two sounds better. Well, that’s just one benefit. A private game server allows access to a more flexible version of the game and freedom to customize game characters and environment.

As stated earlier, there are some technicalities to setting up a game server. Here are some basic things you’ll need to do:

                        I.         Buy, download and install the game servers and other software.
                       II.         Setup and configure your database.
                     III.         Customize your gaming world.
                     IV.         When your server is all set, then you can host it.

How to Host a Game Server

Hosting a game server

Hosting a game server is no different than setting up a website. You’d need two crucial things; a domain name and a hosting plan. In this case, a domain name and two hosting plans will do the trick.

Hosting plan 1

The first hosting plan is exclusively for your server. It has to be a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that gives you root access to every feature available. In other words, you’d have total control over everything within the server. The perfect VPS comes with these features:

  1. A dedicated IP.
  2. 1TB bandwidth.
  3. 20GB SSD disk storage.
  4. 1GB RAM.

Hosting plan 2

The second hosting plan is for your website. It’s where your domain name comes alive and becomes accessible. If your goal isn’t to generate traffic, you can buy a shared hosting plan with the following features.

  1. Proportioned resources
  2. Free SSL
  3. 1 email account
  4. 100+GB bandwidth.

In the end, your hosting quality could make or break your game server. So choose the host with an excellent reputation and great flexibility. DynamicHosting has all of that and more. Check out our plans to get started.