Things to Consider While Getting a Dedicated Server 

A dedicated server is often necessary for enhanced customer experience and satisfaction. While your business has a dedicated server, you do not need to worry about loading speed or sudden traffic surges. However, leasing a dedicated server for your business is a big decision. Small businesses often find it challenging to choose a dedicated server of top quality and one that fits their budget. Here are a few factors that you should keep in mind while selecting a service provider for your dedicated server. 

Location and network quality

One of the key factors that impacts your website’s performance is the quality of the network. Redundant network support is necessary to keep your websites up. Before choosing a data center, ensure it offers essential network support. Any well-reputed service provider should use dark fiber and BGP connections to provide top-notch service. 

The data center’s location is also important, and it impacts the network quality. It is better to choose a service provider with a data center near the business and its customers. Before committing to a service, test the speed and quality of the network and choose one only when you are totally satisfied.  

Security measures 

With the ever-increasing security threats in cyberspace, choosing a service provider that implements state-of-the-art security measures is critical for keeping your servers safe. A single incident of a data breach can kill your site’s traffic and negatively impact your business’s reputation. You can also be a victim of ransomware crime. It is not enough to employ a hi-tech security system; you also need to assess the newer threats and update the system regularly. Make sure the service provider routinely updates their security protocol to mitigate the latest security threats. 

Technical support

Sustained technical support is critical for the smooth running of your website. The hosting company should offer technical support 24/7 and be responsive to your requests. Whether you get a fully managed server or decide to manage your server yourself, technical support from the hosting company is critical. They need to take prompt action on the occasion of any untoward incident that cannot be predicted. Make sure the service provider has a dedicated technical team who monitors your server’s performance 24/7 and 365 days a year. 

Flexibility and scalability  

Businesses grow, and their requirements evolve. Always choose a service provider that offers various plans suitable for different business needs. You may think you will never need a server with a large capacity, but the truth is, you never know. If, in the future, you need a server with higher capacity, your existing hosting company should have the ability to provide it. Otherwise, you will need to migrate to a new company, which is a cumbersome and costly. The service provider should also allow you to upgrade the plan anytime without penalties for abandoning your old plan. 

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