There is little doubt that e-commerce is the future. It is estimated that over 26 million active e-commerce websites are currently operating around the globe. The US alone has more than 9.5 million registered e-commerce sites, and the number is growing. 

Building an e-commerce business is often much easier than running a physical store. However, this booming sector comes with its own set of challenges. You need to offer a top-notch experience to your customers to stand out in the crowd, and it begins with building an outstanding website

Here are a few quick and useful tips that you should follow while building your e-commerce website. 

Keep the Design Simple 

Minimalist designs are the winners. Experience shows that people love websites that are easy to navigate and quick to scan. Do not ever clutter your website with elements that might distract potential customers.

As a seller, you might feel that long and detailed product descriptions are necessary but remember that customers do not have all the time to read them through. Research suggests most visitors only read about 20% of the text on a webpage. They quickly scan the page to find the key information they are looking for. Make it easier for them by creating content that is easy to go through. 

Use Quality Photos and Videos

Never undermine the importance of quality photos and videos. While making an online purchase, the customers cannot see or touch the product. You have to make up for that by providing high-resolution images of the products. 

No one is going to buy products from an e-commerce site where the photographs look blurry and unprofessional. The photos and videos must also be standardized; follow a uniform style for all the products. It makes the website look more professional. Make a checklist and get help from a professional product photographer.   

Consider Getting a Dedicated Server

It is true that most websites will do just fine on a shared hosting server. However, just a satisfactory experience is not enough. You need to offer an exceptional experience to stay ahead of the curve. Thus, you may have to consider a dedicated server for your e-commerce site. It is especially critical if you expect a large influx of traffic in the near future. 

Customers hate websites that are slow to load. Most customers will leave the site if the page doesn’t load within 2 seconds. A dedicated server helps you minimize latency and lets you optimize the uptime. 

Besides, dedicated servers offer more security than shared ones. People make transactions on your site. Thus, it is your responsibility that their financial information is safe with you. One incident of a data breach can ruin your business forever.   

Build Trust with Reviews and Testimonials

The most challenging aspect of an e-commerce business is building trust. Thousands of fake online stores are out there in the market. Some of them take orders and never deliver, while others simply steal credit card information.

You have to establish that your business is legit. Encourage your customers to write reviews of the products they purchase from your store. Reviews with a photo or a video of the product are even better.  

Offer a Seamless Checkout Experience

Checkout is the final step of closing a sale. It is also the most critical part that requires your attention. A clunky checkout will never work. Make the checkout process simple and hassle-free.  

Provide all the information the customers need to take the final call. However, remember not to overwhelm them with unnecessary information. Clearly mention the terms and conditions and product return policy. Show them the shipment and payment options and promptly notify them about the order confirmation. 

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