People often confuse these two concepts for one another. Some even think one matters more than the other.

As a newbie, the first thing you probably learned about owning a website is getting a domain name.

And that’s right, you do need a domain name to start your blog or website, but you also need web hosting to make your site functional.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the two.

What is a domain name?

If the internet were a street, your website would be one of the many houses in that street. To locate your house, you’d need an address.

Well, your domain name is that address, and it helps visitors locate your website.

Domain names are for humans, not necessarily computers. Computers read website addresses in numbers known as IP addresses.

A typical IP address looks like this; 82.531.70.2

Numbers, unlike words, are difficult for humans to remember, prompting the need for worded website addresses known as domain names.

Now, you can type in the domain name instead of dotted strings of numbers when trying to visit a website. For example,, and you’re good to go.

A quick tip: Keep your domain names short and catchy. It makes them easy to remember.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the location where all of the active files on your website are stored.

Since your domain name is the address to your website, web hosting is the space within that house. If you intend to keep anything in the house, you’ll be needing the space.

When someone logs on to your website, your domain name is immediately translated into your web hosting computer IP address.

This computer connects directly to servers containing your website files, making them visible and accessible to your visitors.

It’s your web host job to keep your website files accessible and safe at all times. See the article on how to find an effective web host.

How do Web hosting and domain names work together?

Both are two different concepts, yet interlinked. You can’t have a website without a domain name, and you can’t publish your website without web hosting.

Web hosting services are processed in data centers, and every website owner can’t own a data center or a computer server. That’s why you need good web hosts with great expertise to help your website thrive.

Some web hosting companies will provide all the expertise you need, including finding the right domain name for your website, Cybersecurity, and other web management services.


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