Cyber-attacks can harm your business in more ways than you can possibly imagine. During the last few years, the risk and severity of such attacks have grown exponentially. With the advancement of technology and wide use of internet interconnections, the nature of data breaches has become more sophisticated and thus more dangerous. Here are five quick tips to protect your dedicated server and business against such malicious attacks.

protect your dedicated server

Implement a robust password policy

Using a strong password can be your first line of defense against cyber-attacks. After you obtain your dedicated server, change the password provided by the host. The host company sets a generic password for your server before they give you the possession. You must change the password to a more secure one. 

Check software and service update

Many of us have a habit of ignoring the update notifications. This is not a healthy practice, not for your website. It is highly advisable that you install the updates right away without hitting the ‘install later’ button. Even if you don’t have time at that moment, make sure you come back to it as soon as you can. These updates and patches are often meant to mend the loopholes that might compromise the security of your server. It is even better that you regularly check for updates without waiting for the prompt from the provider.

You should also regularly remove the programs and data from the server that you no longer need. The hackers may target the programs that are not used or are outdated.

Always use a secure connection

Whenever you log into your server account, make sure you are on a trusted network. You should never enter your login credentials when using public Wi-Fi. The public Wi-Fi may not have adequate security protocol and can make your server vulnerable to attacks. 

Choose the right server provider

The security protocol of your dedicated server provider is crucial for the safety of your server. Choose a provider that is known for its resilient network and tight security. Read through the documents before committing to a plan. If you have any doubt, talk to the representatives and keep asking questions until you are totally sure about the security measures.

Server providers like Dynamic Hosting have years of experience and provide dedicated servers for your business website with top-notch security. 

Backup your data

Backing up your data may sound trivial, but it can be a lifesaver on the occasion of a data breach. No matter how robust the security measures are, there is always a chance that you fall victim to a cyber-attack.

To be prepared for such an untoward event, keeping a backup on your server is not enough. You should back up your data frequently on external storage or cloud-based storage to keep them safe. 

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