Whether to have a dedicated IP for SEO is a question that never seems to get old. For becoming visible on the internet, we take pains to calibrate our content according to SEO requirements.

Some experts suggest we get a dedicated IP for improving SEO performance. However, others believe that it does not have any impact on SEO. So, is dedicated IP worth your time and resources, or are the claims of its capabilities overblown? Let’s find the answer to these questions.

Does Dedicated IP affect SEO?

The answer to this question is not straightforward. A dedicated IP itself does not do anything to enhance SEO directly. However, it has various positive effects on the performance and security of your website. These positive effects help make your website prestigious in the eyes of Google’s crawler and thus boost up the SEO indirectly.

1.   Security Comes First

Securing your website from malware improves your SEO performance. If you are on a shared hosting platform, there might be thousands of other websites using it too, and some of them might contain harmful content.

Antivirus programs can mark all websites sharing that IP harmful, which might make your website inaccessible. All modern browsers show such alerts, which can severely affect the reach of your website.

On the other hand, a dedicated IP doesn’t have these issues because only you are using it. Therefore, you won’t encounter any problems unless you do something illicit.

2.   Speed & Performance Matter

Sharing the server with others might slow down your website. Over time, it could become a headache pushing you down in the SEO rankings. Search engines consider speed as a crucial metric to rank websites. Therefore, slower loading times can be detrimental.

However, you will not be sharing your resources if you have a dedicated IP, improving the speed and performance of your website significantly.

3.   The SSL Certification

There has been a change in Google’s ranking criteria since 2014. It ranks those with SSL 2048-bit key certificate higher than other websites. It changes the name of the URL from HTTP to HTTPS. However, it is not just a matter of giving names.

This certification comes in handy if there are any phishing attempts and protects the domain name. Sites that store personal information such as credit card numbers use SSL certifications to secure that data.

All of these factors combine to improve the ranking of a website, as Google prefers websites with SSL certifications.

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