Every entrepreneur knows that having a website, especially in a modern world, is essential in spreading their message. However, many business owners start their journey with a very tight budget and therefore face difficulties. That’s when shared web hosting can come to the rescue.

Let’s talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of shared web hosting.



Shared Hosting is Accessible

What makes shared web hosting great is its easy availability. Because of this, shared hosting makes it possible for anyone to open an account and begin setting it up.  Just In case you feel stuck and unaware of how to proceed, there are many great sites that help you by providing a how to guide.

Shared web Hosting is inexpensive.

As I mentioned above, shared hosting plans are very affordable.  Start up plans only a few dollars per month which is obviously a great advantage for business owners. Phew! Yes, although shared hosting offers relatively less features, it does include the necessary settings to set up a website. The reason why you get a cost-effective price is because you share the same license with many other users. This benefits small business owners and even individuals with their own sites by cutting costs.  Also, there are special web hosting companies that help students by giving them student offers (i.e. special student pricing)!



It has low Security

Security is one of the most important features in web hosting, however in shared hosting, security is often weak. When we talk about hackers and threats, shared hosting falls under the category of most dangerous type of hosting sites. Logically, since it provides many services at once, hackers can easily hack into your site and cause damages, without you even knowing about it. It is often easy for them because by using only one domain, they can grant access to the whole server and every website hosted there. These threats and problems can cause a serious problem for you therefore you have to be careful.


You might face system crashes

As I explained earlier, shared hosting is sharing your host server with many other websites. Now think about this, when a server is loaded with a lot of websites and traffic is increased, naturally the process of searching slows and finally, the shared hosting system will stop working, and simply crash.
The bad news is that the web hosting company might not even care to fix the problem. Instead, many of them choose to ignore these things and work on things they feel are more important problems.
Do not lose hope! There are many good web hosting providers that work without these types of crashes. Just in case you experience a crash with them, they dedicate a team to work on it and fix it for you in no time.

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