While searching for a suitable web hosting plan for your organization, you may have come across the term ‘unmetered dedicated server’. What is an unmetered server? How do the service providers measure the usage? Does your business website need an unmetered server? Let’s have a look. 

unmetered server

What is the concept of an unmetered server?

As the name suggests, an unmetered server is where the service provider doesnt meter the data usage of your server. Thus, it gives you absolute freedom to use as much data without being penalized for the overage. Service providers like Dynamic Hosting offer a range of plans for your dedicated server hosting. But before choosing a plan, you need to understand how the service providers measure the usages and how they charge you for the overage.

Who needs unmetered servers?

Unmetered servers are specifically beneficial for websites that require a lot of data transmission. Websites such as gaming platforms, video streaming websites, media outlets, and e-commerce sites usually have a higher data transmission requirement.

With an unmetered plan, they can run their website without worrying about paying any additional charge.

If your website has a high data transmission requirement, it is advisable that you opt for an unmetered plan. Besides, it will also help you manage unusual traffic surges on your platform.

Measuring the usage

When the visitors interact with a website, the server of the website exchanges data with users’ devices. This data is transmitted via an internet network.
While looking through different plans, you can come across two specific terms, bandwidth and traffic.

Bandwidth is the volume of data that transmits via a network during a specific amount of time. It measures as bits, kilobits, megabits, or gigabits per second. You can imagine it as water flowing in a pipe. The diameter of the tube determines how much water can flow through it during a given period of time.
Similarly, the capacity of the network determines how much data it can transmit in 1 second. So, essentially the speed of the network depends on its bandwidth allowances.

Traffic, on the other hand, denotes the total amount of data transmitted on a communication link. In a web hosting environment, the traffic is measured as the amount of data exchanged between your server and the users’ devices.

How do unmetered servers work?

Unmetered server plans do not set an upper limit for your server’s data usage. You can have as much traffic as your website gets without paying any extra charge for it. But remember, the bandwidth is always pre-determined, and, practically, it cannot be unlimited.

Dynamic Hosting has different dedicated server hosting plans that fit your budget and suit your requirement. Get in touch to know more about the packages offered and pick the best one for your website.