When developing a WordPress website, the foremost concern of developers is to find a secure WordPress plugin. There are hundreds of plugins available. For the best result, your aim should be a maximum of 20 plugins. However, finding 20 plugins from hundreds is like finding a needle in the haystack. The process is not always easy. You must follow a strategic step-by-step guide if you want a credible WordPress plugin.

Here is the 5-step guide to help you choose the right WordPress plugin.

Choose Your Plugin from WordPress Library

One of the significant reasons for WordPress’s popularity is its vast library, where you can find thousands of functional plugins. So, when it comes to the security of your platform, what could be better than the inbuilt plugins of WordPress?

Keep Your End-goal in Mind

Before you start your search for a secure plugin, brainstorm your ideas to ensure clarity. Keep your objective in your mind, as it will help you make your vision communicable to your web developer.

Rather than checking out every eye-catching plugin, narrow your search to what you need.

Ensure Your Plugin Is Up-to-date

One of the favorite types of plugins for malicious actors is the ones that are outdated. It is because old plugins are more vulnerable to security breaches. So, make sure you choose an up-to-date WordPress plugin.

You can easily find popular plugins in the WordPress library that are constantly updated by their developers.

Look for Reviews

An efficient way to decide the credibility of WordPress plugins is to look for user reviews. You can find a lot about the plugin, such as flaws of the plugin, incompetence of the developer, concern of the developer with its users, etc.

If you somehow find a plugin with positive reviews where the developer is concerned with the issues users are facing, it means you have found a great WordPress plugin.

Run a Test

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Have you selected a plugin? If yes, run a test before putting it into production. This way, you can spot any unforeseen issues that might take place once the plugin is in the production phase.

If the test is successful, it means you have finished your search for a secure WordPress plugin.

Wrapping Up!

Besides this 5-step guide, your web host also plays an important role in helping you decide on a secure WordPress plugin. Credible web hosting services like Dynamic Hosting help you find the right plugin for your business.