Choosing the right web hosting service provider is critical for the success of your business. Before you finalize a service provider, you must ensure that the provider can fulfill all your business requirements.  

Once you decide what type of web hosting server you will get, shortlist a few potential providers offering the service. Go through their websites, read the terms and conditions, and look at the reviews. It will give you a fair idea about the service offered by each provider. 

Most web hosting companies provide all the necessary information on their website, including the plans they offer and the services they provide. However, you must go deeper before you make a commitment. Once you host your server with a service provider, it will be a hassle to migrate it to a new one.

Important Questions to Ask Your Hosting Provider

Here, we list 5 of the most critical questions you must ask your web hosting service provider before you finalize your choice.

What are their uptime stats?

You want your website up and running without glitches. Server downtime not only impacts your revenue but also hurts your reputation. 

survey conducted by Status Cake shows that 11% of customers would return to a website after they couldn’t access it just one time. The Outage Analysis Report by Uptime Institute suggests more than 60% of outages cost over $100,000.

Ask your service provider how they did last year in terms of server uptime. Enquire about the data center’s reliability and potential infrastructure performance.  

What are the security measures they employ?

Security of your server is critical in this age of the growing threat of cyberattacks. Make sure your service provider has all the necessary security protocols in place. It includes both physical security as well as cyber security.

Ask your service provider whether they regularly update their security protocols to deal with new and evolving challenges.  

How to switch plans?

You should have the freedom to upgrade or downgrade to another plan without penalties.

Your business requirement is dynamic. What seems adequate today may not satisfy your needs tomorrow. Depending on the website traffic and other factors, you may need more or less storage space and bandwidth. Make sure the hosting provider is flexible enough to accommodate your ever-changing needs. 

How frequently do they back up? 

Backing up the server is a critical part of a disaster preparedness plan. Backing up your website frequently ensures minimal data loss. Ask how often your data will be backed up. Also, make sure that they regularly back up your database.

What technical supports are offered?

Server management requires some level of technical expertise. Depending on the resources you have in your team, you may need various tech supports from time to time. Assess your own resources and enquire about the available tech support. Make sure these two complement each other. 

For example, if you opt for managed dedicated server service offered by Dynamic Hosting, you can manage your server from a single dashboard. It is easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge. 

Dynamic Hosting offers unmetered dedicated servers at an unbeatable price. Learn more about our services and let us know your requirements. Our team will answer all your questions about a web hosting service provider and help you set up your server in one day.