One of the biggest challenges of developing an online game is creating a smooth experience for all your players. While many online games use a client-host, this can result in slow, laggy gameplay. A better alternative is to use a dedicated host for your game. A dedicate server keeps your game up and running with consistently reliable performance. Dynamic Hosting offers servers that are suitable for advanced gameplay, but at affordable prices. Here’s why dedicated servers are so great for online gaming.

More Detailed Gameplay

There’s a lot of information for the server to manage in an online multiplayer game. The host needs to manage every player’s game status, including things like scoring, movement, items, and more. This can be very overwhelming when a client’s device is also serving as a host. A dedicated server provides a huge amount of storage space and processing power, which makes it easier to run complex games without lagging or losing progress at any point.

Additionally, running a game on a dedicated server can actually improve the quality of the graphics for everybody playing. This is because the dedicated server handles so many aspects of the game, allowing the host’s device to focus on the graphics. Crisp, clear quality creates more engaging gameplay for everyone.


Reliable Performance

Another huge benefit of using a dedicated server for your game is that you don’t have to worry about it crashing. At DynamicHosting, we monitor our servers closely to make sure they’re running 24/7. We also have sources of backup power as well as expert team members on hand in case of an emergency. This means you can focus on enjoying the game instead of worrying about performance.

Dedicated Servers For Gaming

Easy to Customize

Additionally, dedicated servers are very easy to customize to suit your needs – something that’s particularly helpful for gamers. You can configure the server with the appropriate bandwidth, RAM, and other features to keep your game running smoothly. At Dynamic Hosting, we offer four different plans to help you find the right server for your needs.

When setting up an online game, you won’t want to sacrifice performance. Contact Dynamic Hosting today to learn more about our dedicated servers for gaming!