Although often overlooked, getting the right hosting server is a big deal. Shared or dedicated hosting server. There are thousands of websites out there on poorly configured or just plain inadequate hosting servers.

Choosing the right one comes with a bunch of options. Aside from the expense, you need to explore which kind of hosting server best suits your needs. Is it shared, VPS, or dedicated.

Shared hosting is extremely popular, but this is mostly due to the fact that it is a low-cost option. For anyone with performance requirements beyond the very basic, shared hosting just isn’t up to scratch. Sharing resources with huge numbers of other clients results in glacially slow performance. This can have a devastating impact on a business. As a result, shared hosting should really only be considered for private websites.

Dedicated hosting servers and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are different prospects, offering bespoke resources and far better performance. VPS do share their servers but makes use of hypervisor technology. This creates the effect of individual, private servers for each client.

But for serious performance, solid security, full control, and ultimate scalability, dedicated hosting servers are the only way to go.

Here are three reasons why dedicated servers stand head and shoulders above the other options.

Dedicated hosting server performance


A dedicated hosting server offers you exclusive use of the server and all its resources. This means that you never suffer from reduced capacity or capabilities. In addition, your server is always performing at the optimal level. You set the parameters, you choose the equipment and the hardware, and you’ll always have access to it all, however much traffic you receive.


For anyone with privacy or security on their mind, sharing a server is a bad idea. By sharing resources you are reliant on everyone else for your own security, and if one guest fails there’s a chance you will all be vulnerable. Dedicated servers offer DDoS protection and an arsenal of other security measures meaning you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your site.


Last but not least, dedicated servers give you complete access to your hosting servers, allowing you to configure them to suit your needs and your needs alone. Root access means that your hosting server can be made bespoke, and will deliver exactly what you need it to do.

Dedicated hosting server control

So, to find out more about why dedicated hosting is the way forward, get in touch with Dynamic Hosting today!