A dedicated server hosting is an essential option if you are looking for a rock-solid website that will be able to withstand high volumes of traffic and allow you to install your own scripts. The launch of an industry-driven website is not an easy task. It needs:

  • The actual products or services offered
  • Search functions to identify the type of services or products they can purchase
  • Security that protects the consumer’s private information
  • Other factors to construct your destination on the Internet.

In comparison to a shared server that can host several sites, a dedicated web server only hosts one site. The advantages of investing in a particular server are website stability and reliability. Your site leverages all CPU, RAM and saving energy from your server as it is not shared with other sites. In terms of site speed and reliability, you should not underestimate the value of these benefits. Think about it. Have you ever visited a web site that takes so long that you just leave before it even loads?  Of course you have, we all have.  Do you want the same fate on your e-commerce site?

Dedicated Server Hosting

Building your website on a shared server will impact your page with whoever else put their server on that same shared site.  When in a shared server relationship, *every* other web site on that server impacts your server. Whatever happens to their server may also impact you negatively.  For instance, if your site gets a huge traffic spike, your pages could load slowly – or not at all. Investing in a dedicated server allows you not to worry about the negative impacts the folks in the shared servers experience.  It also system administrators more power over the applications and scripts they can install on the server as well.  After all, the server is dedicated  to you!

Another benefit of having your own dedicated server is that you have choices.  You want at least 1TB or more of dedicated disk space server to store files.  If you want more, just ask Dynamic Hosting and voila, you have more. You may usually pick the storage media for your website from either a standard hard drive or a solid-state drive. So, there’s a bargain. Sometimes, solid-state drives are quicker and more reliable than HDD drives, but they cost more money and have less storage capabilities. On the other hand, conventional hard disks have high storage and lower prices, but are not as robust as the SSD’s counterparts. A traditional hard drive will do the job unless you really need to store it quickly.

Dynamic Hosting offers its dedicated hosting services in the simplest manner with multiple price points.  Dynamic Hosting has established its name in the market and has maintained it for the past 20+ years by offering unmetered dedicated servers to many big and small organizations all over the world.