What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a hosting server which devotes to only a single company or organization. When we use the word “dedicated”, we mean the resources provided are being used completely by a single customer. These clients can optimize their experience and configure the resources in a way that it meets their own wants and needs. This blog is an introduction to dedicated hosting.

This hosting option is usually known to be utilized by large companies where traffic is high.

Introduction To Dedicated Hosting

What should you expect when renting out a dedicated hosting server?

A dedicated hosting server provides you security given you’re the only client, unlike shared hosting servers.

You are in complete control of the consistent and high performance it provides you.

The one customer that is given full access to the server and resources can customize and manage the hardware as they please.

When compared to shared hosting services, Dedicated hosting naturally cost more due to single tenancy. This means that the server running costs, software updating costs and the possibility of staff costs will be paid by only one customer. Keep in mind that the prices of dedicated hosting changes depending on the hardware and resource allocation. In addition to this, the prices may also depend on the:

  • Storage space
  • Software packages
  • The amount of RAM provided.

When a company gives importance to obtaining high traffic , they should respectfully focus on having fast website speed. When many customers use the same server and generate high traffic, naturally it will slow down the speed of your website. Therefore, a large company can benefit from using a dedicated hosting service.

Do you need a dedicated hosting server?

If you want to know whether your business needs a dedicated hosting server instead of a shared one, answer these 3 questions.

Does your company handle sensitive information?

Every company requires security; however, some need it more than the other. A company dealing with sensitive information might prefer working with a dedicated hosting server. That is because it has more control over it. A hacker can easily go into a shared server. He can steal private information such as credit card numbers, emails, and customer details.

Does it bother you if you do not have full control over your server?

If you answered yes, then you might need to use dedicated hosting from now on. For some companies, choosing the software, hardware and systems utilized is important. That is why they prefer keeping it all to themselves.

Are you considered a large company or a fast-growing business with high traffic?

As I mentioned above, a large company using a shared hosting will soon suffer from low site speed. Many websites start out with a shared hosting plan at first. But then turn to dedicated hosting server after suffering from its consequences.

If you’ve answered yes to the three questions, then it’s time for you to use a dedicated hosting server. Love our introduction to dedicated hosting? Visit Dynamic hosting to learn more.