We use apps for so many things these days, from managing our money to staying entertained and everything in between. If you’re developing a new app, it’s absolutely crucial that you find the right hosting solution for your new platform.
Dynamic Hosting offers dedicated servers to ensure that your app keeps working properly. In this article, we’ll help you determine how much server space you need to host your app, and answer other key questions about online servers.

Server Space

How much storage space do I need?

Every app is different, so we can’t give an exact answer of how much space you’ll need on your server. However, you can develop a rough estimate based on what your app does. You’ll need to consider how much data your app saves to the cloud. Most apps have at least some content that needs to be saved to a server. 

Social media apps tend to use up the most server space, because users upload a huge amount of new media every day. Games that require users to save their progress to the cloud could also end up using a lot of server space.

Many app developers will set up a test run of their app to determine how much storage space each user needs. Once you have a good idea of that number, you can multiply it by the number of users you expect to have to determine the amount of storage space that you need. You’ll likely need to expand your storage space every so often to keep up with user growth.

When looking at servers for your app, you’ll need to consider the performance as well as the amount of storage they offer. Processing speed and graphics quality affects the overall quality of your app as well. 

Server Space

Is app storage expensive?

When developing the budget for your app, it’s important to consider the cost of storage space. However, app storage doesn’t have to be expensive. Dynamic Hosting offers dedicated storage space starting at $89.99 per server for 1 GB or $99.99 for 10 GB. If your app requires storage for videos or other large pieces of data, you can pay more for a higher performance server.

It’s extremely important for your app to have a reliable host. The app market is very competitive, and customers want to know that they can trust you to store their information safely, without outages. Contact Dynamic Hosting today to learn more about our dedicated and shared server options.