Dedicated server hosting is one of the best options a business has when it comes to offering a seamless, unblemished experience to their users. Organizations in almost every industry are taking advantage of the opportunities that dedicated web hosting offers, from lightning-fast load times to total control over servers.
But making the decision to get on board with dedicated hosting is the easy part. Choosing exactly what you need when it comes to a dedicated hosting package can be a more complicated process.

The biggest thing that you need to keep in mind when it comes to hosting packages is scale. You need hosting capabilities that match:

  • The scale of your projects
  • The scale of your ambition
  • How much you intend (or hope) to grow.

Picking the package that can service your needs right now as well as in the future is the best way to leverage the power of dedicated web hosting.

dedicated hosting

Three key elements of every Dedicated Hosting Package.

There are three core elements of every server that dictate the scale and scalability of your hosting package.


Processors are often described as the ‘brains’ of your servers, and are responsible for speed and efficiency. Very broadly speaking, the more processor cores a server has, and the faster their processors, the more efficiently everything will run. For extremely complex websites and applications it is therefore sensible to look for packages with more cores.


Memory is an increasingly important resource for hosted servers. Even quite simple websites these days use a surprisingly large amount due to complex CMS like Wix and WordPress. Having sufficient memory is vital as it means that data can be accessed without constantly having to carry out read/write operations.

Hard drive

Possibly the simplest element to understand, the amount of hard drive space your servers have informs how many files (images, HTML, documents etc) you need to store. If you have a website with a huge number of files, you’ll need a package that can provide sufficient hard drive space.

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To determine your needs, you must understand what your peak traffic is going to look like – the moment when your website or app is at its highest popularity. This will give you an idea of what your server requirements are, and what hosting package will best suit you.

For help in making the right choice, get in touch with Dynamic Hosting. We’ll talk you through our plans and packages, and give you the tools to help your business succeed.