Dedicated Servers

Managed dedicated servers are where you have an entire server to yourself, but someone else takes care of its maintenance and security. A dedicated server can be a gamechanger for many small businesses that require handling a high amount of website traffic. However, the decision to obtain a dedicated server for your business is not an easy one. Especially if you are a business operating on a slim budget, you must think through a decision before taking any steps.   

If managed services were not there, it would have been impossible for small businesses to afford a dedicated server all by themselves. The maintenance of a dedicated server would eat up a significant share of their available resources. The managed dedicated services came into being to address this issue. The managed services aim to make dedicated servers available to all enterprises, irrespective of their budget or resource capacity.

Let us discuss some of the top benefits of having a managed dedicated server.

Easy single-dashboard solution

Businesses operating in sectors other than the core software and technology field may find it intimidating to manage a dedicated server that involves complex technology. With a managed dedicated server, you get to control and manage your server from a single dashboard. It is an easy-to-use cPanel that anyone can navigate with minimum technical knowledge. 

More resources for your core business

A managed server reduces the operating costs for the businesses. You do not need to hire a server administrator or overburden your IT staff with the additional workload.

If you are an e-commerce business, the website and server are of great importance; however, that is not the focus area of your business. A managed service lets you prioritize your core business while the server company takes care of your IT needs. You pay a monthly rent, and the rest is taken care of by them. It allows you to allocate your resources more efficiently, and your core business gets more attention as it deserves.   

24/7 Expert Support

Companies offering managed servers employ highly qualified support staff to take care of the maintenance works. Server providers like Dynamic Hosting provide 24/7 assistance 365 days a year. Such a robust support system requires a lot of resource investment. A small or medium-sized business can’t afford this kind of support unless the cost is shared. In a managed server environment, you essentially share the cost with other clients of the company.

Website downtime can cost you hundreds of dollars. If someone fails to access the website in their first attempt, in all probability, you will lose them forever. Thus, it has a recurring effect. You must troubleshoot the problem, then and there, to minimize the downtime. It is only possible when you have a team of IT experts at your disposal all the time. 

Enhanced security and constant monitoring

An entire server dedicated to your business means an increased level of security. Besides, with a managed server plan, you typically get the features like DDoS detection, spam filtering, virus scanning, firewall protection, and auto-updates. The service providers enhance the security further by implementing a team of experts who constantly monitor the performance. They can immediately flag an issue and take the required actions to minimize the damage. 

If you are a small business looking for a secure server solution, a managed dedicated server can be a great option to consider. Dynamic Hosting has a range of plans for dedicated servers, both managed and unmanaged, to satisfy your IT needs. No contract, no hidden cost, and no surprises.