Dedicated Hosting Service

Mainly, two types of hosting services are available- shared and dedicated. While shared hosting costs less and provides ample bandwidth for small scale websites, users do not get the option to customize the server’s interface accordingly. Plus, there’s always a risk of a shared website being malicious. Dedicated servers on the other hand, cost more but offer a wide range of benefits including high security, interface customization, control, reliability, and round the clock assistance. Here’s a list of advantages you can avail by choosing a dedicated hosting service.

1. Performance

Firstly, dedicated hosting servers have a high spec RAM, drive space, and CPU. Website’s linked to dedicated servers can handle large streams of bandwidth without facing downtime. This is especially beneficial for websites with a heavy traffic.

2. Improved Security

Secondly, a dedicated server provides hosting for a single website at a time. This enables the website to gain access to highly secure features of the server. Alongside, dedicated servers are under constant surveillance that greatly reduces the risk of data breach.

3. Improved Access Control

Dedicated servers provide their users with customizable features. The interface of the server can be set according to the needs of the user. The entire configuration can be modified according to the user’s preference.

4. IP Address

Multiple websites share one IP address on a shared server. That means that one spam website could affect all the websites linked to that server. However, dedicated hosting provides businesses with dedicated servers that have a unique, independent IP address.

5. Infrastructure Reliability

Dedicated server providers have comparatively better infrastructures than other hosting services. They also have a complete backup facility for the entire data stored on their servers.

All in all, a dedicated hosting service will cost more, but also offer you an improved interface and better security. You can look at these at different options while visiting dynamic hosting.