Creating your WordPress website can be a daunting task, especially when you are not tech-savvy.

But fret not!

Whether you plan to make an e-commerce website to sell your merch or you want to create a blog website to help others with your expertise, we are here to ease the process like a breeze!

This guide will show you how to build a WordPress website in 2021 by following five simple steps.

WordPress Website

1. Get a Domain Name and a Web Hosting Service

A domain name is the URL address you enter into the search bar to reach your website. As an example, is a domain name. Register for an attractive domain name that reflects your expertise.

Along with the domain, web hosting is your next essential purchase. It is a place where your website and its data live. You can check different web hosting services from Dynamic Hosting.

2. Install WordPress

Now that you have the two essential tools (domain and hosting) you need, it’s time to install WordPress. Go to My Sites > Create Site > enter your site’s name and the username/password, and your WordPress installation is complete!

3. Choose a WordPress Theme and Add Plugins

What is the first thing that you observe on a website? The design, right?

It is crucial to choose the ideal theme for your website. So, it compliments your products and your vision. If you are selling candles, you should go with soothing and warmer colors.

Similarly, plugins are the agents of your website that help you optimize your content more quickly and efficiently.~

4. Work on The SEO of Your WordPress Website

Your WordPress website is live. The next and unforgettable part is SEO. The online presence of a brand is remarkably significant.

Google loves to rank SEO-friendly websites. Thus, tailor your website content and write it for both the audience and the search engines. It’s the only way to gain exposure, bring traffic and generate a handsome income.

5. Optimize The Speed of Website Pages

No one wants to wait two whole minutes for a website page to load. This is the reason why it is recommended to optimize your content. For this purpose, choose a fast web hosting server. Dynamic Hosting provides a superior customer experience with its speedy hosting server.

Optimizing the content also helps in improving your website’s speed. For instance, you don’t need every image in HD on your website. It slows down the loading time.


Many businesses are growing their business online, and having a decent WordPress website provides them an edge over their competitors. It makes you look more professional.

Setting up a basic WordPress website is not only cost-efficient but super easy too. You see, it was as simple as following five steps!

So folks, now that you know it all, what’s holding you back from making your WordPress website?