For any online business, a domain name is undoubtedly one of the most critical assets. Quality hosting like Dynamic Hosting, a catchy domain name, and outstanding SEO — this is the holy trinity in the world of websites and blogs.

It represents your online presence; your audience knows your venture by your name. All in all, it’s safe to say that your exposure is dependent on your domain name to a large extent.

So, if your domain name is expiring, then fret not! This brief guide walks you through the three best ways to keep it activated.

Domain Name

Why Does it Matter?

Suppose your domain is expired. Now, someone else has re-registered your domain to use it for something inappropriate. The consequences would be disastrous if you wanted to re-register the domain for yourself. It’s even more problematic if some of your audience visiting YOUR website sees that improper content, considering it’s from you.

Although this situation doesn’t imply to every case, keeping your domain activated is critical for your digital venture.

How to Keep Your Domain Name from Expiring?

Follow these three ways to avoid troublesome situations like accidental domain name expiration:

1. Renewal Reminder Notices

When you buy a domain name, various payment options are available. Domain registrars offer you to pay the fees yearly, for two years, and even for lengthier time-spans like three to five years. Once that fee is expired, you’ll likely forget that it’s time to renew it. Thus, you may end up losing your domain.

The easiest way to remember the renewal fee is to turn on the ‘renewal email notices’ option. By doing so, you will be notified via email to pay your fee on time.

2. Grace Periods

Let’s say your domain name is expired because you missed the renewal fee deadline even when the renewal reminder notification was on!

There’s still a way out of this trouble, namely “Grace Periods,” which allows you to rebuy your domain before it becomes publicly available. You might have to pay a redemption fee, but it’s better than rebuilding your online presence.

3. Turn on Auto-Renew

The safest option available to keep your domain from expiring is to enable the auto-renew option. In such a case, your registrar will automatically charge your account with the renewal fee. Thus, your domain name will be yours. However, your credit card and account information must be up to date.

Bottom Line

Your domain belongs to you for only as long as you pay its renewal fees. Overlooking the payment deadlines leads to domain expiration which means anyone can claim it and take your hard-build audience away!

Using the ways mentioned above helps you keep your domain name from expiration so that your online presence is end-to-end protected!

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