The introduction of 4K resolution has proved that the size of images and videos is exponential. A 4K video will have 1GB of data for every 3 minutes of footage. Just like 1080p resolution increased in demand and shot up in popularity instantly, 4k is getting more and more normalized. Sharing such heavy files has always been a challenge due to software not providing the luxury of being compatible enough to send these heavy files.

File Sharing

Since it is hard to send files through email, there are services provided to individuals by people who have set up software that enables application and file sharing. They also have storage servers to store the heavy files that are being sent and received by the clients. The services keep a track of the files that are being uploaded and exchanged between companies and individuals allowing the files to always be secure and no additional copy is made.

These services allow organizations and individuals to send large files to multiple users at the same time. They break through the compatibility and limits of file sharing through emails. Your heavy files that you are unable to send can be sent with ease through these services. When sending these heavy files some of them get corrupted, this problem is fixed with the better software used by file sharing services.

Advantages of File Sharing

1. Cost Effective

Since you are using a file sharing service you do not have to invest in storage or a software that enables you to share your heavy files. This makes it very cost effective for your business, allowing you to focus your revenue on other aspect.

2. Time Saving

Using these services allows you to share heavy files efficiently and quickly. This allows you to free up a lot of time that can be used in other things. Instead of travelling with the heavy data you can just sit in bed and transfer the files easily.

3. Better Communication

This service allows companies and individuals to have a better form of communication. Wherever an individual is in the world, any important document or file can be shared via these file sharing services allowing better communication in the short and long term.

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